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5 Facts about Sultry B!

5 Facts about Sultry B!

This post may be slightly overdue but let’s just stick with the saying, “Better late than never”.  It’s a bit different from my normal fashion post but  I think that it’s important to connect with those who support me so I wanted to let you guys get to know me and my so-call normal.   

I have 4+ Birthmarks

I know it may sound crazy for me to say 4+ but honestly I know I have more but I don ‘t reference them because they are either very small or on a place that isn’t frequently exposed lol. They vary in shade and size with the largest one being on my chest. You may have noticed it in pics but if you haven’t then I’m sure you will now. People always ask me what is is shaped like and I always say either a chicken finger or Italy lo. I love chicken fingers because no matter where you go there are on the menu always (picky eater) and I have to visit Italy at some point in this lifetime. Sure you may look at the birthmark and say “Naw, ni B” but that’s what I’m sticking with. I’ve also heard from others a fish and elephant.

2. I love applesauce!

I honestly don’t know anyone who eats applesauce like me. I don’t have to have the fancy brands because Great Value will do. Usually I buy it by the jug and drink it. Yes,  I drink it,  I bought one the other day and literally on my short drive from home to work, half the bottle was gone. Yes, I know I have a problem but it’s so good! So if there is anything you would like to gift me then trust me I’m not hard to satisfy lol. Just send me applesauce.

3. I dislike wearing tennis shoes.

I don’t have the most patience and so that’s another reason why I dislike shoes. Usually when I’m ready to go, that means I’m ready to go. Shoes take time to put on so I’d rather slip on some flips flops and be out the door. I do wear tennis shoes  but if I don’t have to, then I more than likely won’t. One pet peeve of mine is trying on clothes at the store and having to take off my shoes and put them back on. Uggghhhh, let me just go bath footed like I did as a kid.

4. I have no tat’s

Ikr. I like them but the truth is I have commitment issues hahaha. I have ideas of tat’s that I would like but it’s hard for me to commit to it. I probably wouldn’t have this problem if I had gone ahead and gotten three stars on each hip like I wanted when I went to college lol. Glad I didn’t do that actually but that’s my problem anyways. If I get one then I guess that’s progress. Either way we will see.

5. I don’t eat fish

Crazy but oh so true story. When I was younger I always had pet fish. I loved fish so much that I really felt that if I were reincarnated,  that’s what I wanted to be, more specifically a Koi fish. I loved what they represented and they were just beautiful. So in 5th grade I stopped eating fish because I loved pet fish so much. I know, I know… it’s not the same type of fish that you eat but I seen them to all be in the family lol. I haven’t eaten it since then and that was 20+ years ago.

Guys let me know if we have some things in common or some personal facts in the comments. As always be sure to add me on Instagram @Sultry_B and Facebook at @TheSultryB!

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