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Autumn Beginnings


We’ll summer sure went by fast and it’s the first day of fall. Ok, Ok, I know what everybody is thinking…Yay, we get to wear our boots and cardigans and we can finally be done with this extreme heat. I’m a little in between because summer is my favorite season but I love my boots too. Truth be told I don’t believe we will feel the fall weather in the south until late October but nevertheless, I’m excited to wear certain colors just for the season. If you have been paying attention to the fashions, then I’m sure you have noticed that mustards, burnt oranges and olive greens have made their entrance once again and to tell the truth I’m not mad about it. I love those colors and can’t wait to get some fall fashions sewn just for the season. Being that I’m a dress and jumpsuit girl, I’ll more than likely be sewing those this season. But guess what?!?! I made my first collar shirt ever and it honestly turned out way better than expected. I’ll be sure to upload the look once it’s styled.  As for this skirt though, yep you guessed right, I made it too! Being the fabric hoarder that every seamstress is, I wanted to start working on more projects to get rid of fabric I’ve had for a long time. So I decided to make this skirt with an Ankara print fabric with a side zipper and waist tie detail. In all honesty before making this skirt I did my normal routine of holding the fabric up to me, squinting my eye (*yes I really do this to envision whatever I want), drape it on my dressform, and look at Pinterest for inspiration. I had about 3.5 yards of this fabric so I had the option to make a variety of items but ultimately decided on this ruffle hemmed skirt. The inspiration came from a vintage pattern that I had seen of a tiered petticoat. Once I decided I got work and created what you see now. I would have loved to have made additional tiers but unfortunately I didn’t have enough fabric. 

Top- Walmart| Skirt- Sultry B| Hat- Target


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