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Hey yall, I’m back and on a new vibe right now. Maybe you’re wondering something looks a bit different about me? Well yeahhh, I cut my hair! This was something I had been debating pretty much the entire year and had pushed it off as I had continued to wear weave and wigs. I’ll admit that I was nervous about cutting my hair off up until the day I cut it but it was time for something new and this was the start of my new beginning. But let’s rewind it back to 1990’s. Who remembers Beavis and Butthead? Lol That show was too funny and I’m sure I was too young to watch it but they were some true characters, so when I saw this tee, I had to go ahead and cop it. We triple B’s, Brittany, Beavis and Butthead.

Lately I’ve been into switching up my style and as you know I love my sultry and feminine looks, I like the retro look too and decided to incorporate a few items with this looks. First of all, if would’ve ever asked me years prior if I’d ever wear white boots, I’d probably look at you crazy. I’ve never been a fan of white shoes, let alone white boots but as I put together a this look for my blog I felt that white boots would totally complete the look I had in my closet, so I went and did some research and asked a fellow fashion blogger and ordered them the same day. They are actually one of my favorite pairs of boots and they are super easy and comfortable to walk in. So let me know what you guys think about this look! Until next time, peace.

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