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Destination: PUERTO RICO

As you all know I recently went to Puerto Rico for my 30th Birthday to celebrate a new milestone. Being that I literally booked a week before departure and hadn’t even booked my Airbnb until just a few days before, the pressure was on. I booked the flight and was able to grab the tickets for $104, not including the bag I had to purchase.  A few days later I finally decided on and booked an Airbnb. Now that the main components were out of the way I began to work on some clothing items that I had been working on for the trip. I was able to finish the majority of items up until the night before departure and began packing. My ultimate goal was to have a suitcase full of items that I had personally sewn since I planned to blogs those looks but of course I got sidetracked and started packing everything. I did bring my sewn items but packed jeans, dress, and shirts that I knew I didn’t need or want to even wear while there. Now that I was all packed and ready to go, I hit the road. The flight was to depart ATL at 11:51am so of course I had to leave Tuscaloosa pretty early. I ended up leaving around 7:00am but I should have left earlier since I had a checked bag. Luckily, the flight was delayed so that allowed time to grab a bite to eat and to unpack all the extra crap I didn’t need. So we finally arrive to the airport which is huge by the way and as we are approaching the kiosks the airline reps are calling for all passengers to San Juan. We get to the desk to weigh the luggage and grab our boarding passes and then rush off to the TSA checkpoint in the nick of time. Of course, there is almost always a hiccup with TSA so I had to unpack of few things and have an officer check my bag. Now that I’m finally cleared we rush off and catch the train to the gate and I’m so glad we got to the airport when we did because they were boarding just as we go to the gate. Let me tell you guys that the flight was only about 3.5 hours from ATL but unfortunately I didn’t have a window seat. Y’all know I had the snacks on deck and I was good to go until the baby that was behind us pretty much cried the entire flight ugghhh. Once we landed we picked up our bag and caught a taxi to our Airbnb. Just FYI, if you do decide to visit PR you can’t Uber from the airport but you can Uber to the airport. We stayed in Isla Verde which is really close to the airport and there were restaurants and other small grocers nearby if we needed anything. After our host gave us a few suggestions on a few entertainment spots and restaurants, he stated that we must try the local popular dish, Mofongo. The entire time we were in PR we kept hearing about Mofongo, Mofongo, and Mofongo. Mofongo is a popular dish served in PR that consist of your choice of meat whether it be Pork, Chicken, Steak, or Shrimp served with plantains and a side of rice. I tried the skirt steak Mofongo from Café Puerto Rico in Old San Juan and it sort of puts you in the mind of beef tips and rice with an addition of the plantain. Although, I loved the skirt steak, I didn’t particularly care for the plantains because it was very dense and not sweet as I expected it to be. (Sorry I didn’t get a picture because I attacked the plate as soon as it came out from being soooo freakin hungry.) During our stay we also had Mexican at Chido’s and Orale Guey who had theee best chimichangas! Other than eating we visited their tri-level mall “Plaza Las Americas”, Old San Juan, and Condado. We stopped in Condado at a spot where there were rock formations along the beach looked like the most perfect postcard. There were many parts of Puerto Rico that we didn’t get to see but I will say that whether you want to relax or have a good time, PR is definitely the place to be. On my next visit I plan to do more exploring, visit El Yunque Rainforest, and stay in the historic Old San Juan.

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