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Funky Matador

Funky Matador

I’m bizacck y’all! What have y’all been up to? Me, I been ti(r)ed. I get in my lazy moods where I just get want to do me and doing me only consists of doing small things here and there. I need to take a few self-care days as my coworker explains it, even if only for two days. You know when you get in that space where you feel you gotta change it up because you’re over the day by day routine of things? I’m at that place right now. I haven’t made any plans just yet but I’m definitely in need of a trip or just some alone time. But moving forward into this blog look. First off, the entire outfit was thrifted and cost me under $15 with the exception of the heels. I found this fashionable cropped jacked a few months ago but I wasn’t sure if it would fit being that it’s a vintage item, and if you like vintage as I do, I’m sure you know all about size conversions. This jacket is a size 10 but it fits so I took that baby home. It only cost me $4.99!!! Whoop, Whoop! It’s been hanging on my clothes rack since I purchased it. But what inspired me to make this look was a Facebook post that I had seen from a childhood friend. The post said “Quick to dead the bull like a matador” and instantly when I read it, (off subject) I was “ohhhhhh, that’s what Miquel was saying in his song “Sky Walker”. To tell you the truth I didn’t know what he was saying, so I just mumbled that part, but anyways back to the outfit. I pulled the jacket because it reminded me of the kind that matador’s wear plus y’all know I love me some red and this jacket is so vibrant with different colors.  Prior to putting the look together I knew I wanted to create something that was cute, funky, and comfortable to wear. So, I decided to pair it with the pants I had worn in “Blazin Persuasion” and the top worn in “Fall is for Red“.  The pants have a more frayed look since being washed which was the look I was wanting to achieve after I had initially cut them. I also decided to tie up the striped top to match the length of the jacket and show my upper abs lol.  Do y’all see em? My stomach ain’t the flattest but I like to wear what I want so I just do Me.* Two finger snaps* Ya feel me?

If you guys are my friends on my social media accounts then you’ve probably seen some BTS footage of this post but if not check out my IG Highlights @Sultry_B and as always be sure to like, share, and comment!

Top-Thrifted/Grage Sale| Pant-Thrifted| Jacket- Thrifted| Shoes- Boohoo

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