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Girl’s Trip- Pigeon Forge, TN

Girl’s Trip- Pigeon Forge, TN

We’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes, Ye-haw! Last weekend was another great weekend with Pigeon Forge, TN being the destination. A few months ago  me and my girls decided to plan a girls trip to go to the cabins for a weekend adventure. Now I don’t know if you all are anything like me but I rush and try to pack right before a trip always trying to not forget the important things like my license and credit card. Well, I get on the highway and forgot just that so I had to turn around. I’m pretty sure I could have done much better if I hadn’t decided to pack the day of the trip lol. On top of me packing the day of, I always over pack but I think I did pretty well considering I normally bring my suitcase for the shortest of trips. This time I had a medium sized duffel bag that held all my clothes but of course a separate bag for make-up and toiletries. Once we got on the road everything was going well until we entered Tennessee  and there comes comes the rain *whomp, whomp, whomp. I absolutely hate driving in the rain when going out of town but thankfully we made it safe and sound despite the narrow mountainous roads we had to travel.

 After arriving to our destination we were pretty exhausted from the drive and decided to place this grand order from a local pizzeria and of course the order was wrong, so off to Walmart we went. Then next day we had a breakfast and mimosas that were delicious. Once we got out we visited the Wax Museum, a Zombie Horror House and a Mirror Maze. In the Wax Museum we met some of our favorite celebrities like Morgan Freeman, Forest Gump, Robin Williams, Vin Diesel and my personal favs Bruce Lee and Jason Statham. 

We laughed the whole time through the Wax Museum and a bit in the Mirror Maze but that Horror House, well that’s another story. I’m not fund of anything scary but we decided to give it a try. We all walked trailing one another and screaming pretty much the whole time. All-in-all we had fun and looking back on it, it actually wasn’t that scary but more funny when we watched a recording that I had done in secret. On our next stop, we went to Ole Smoky Moonshine tasting. I thoroughly  enjoyed this part of our trip. We tried 13 different shots of moonshine and they were actually pretty good. My favorites were Butter Pecan, Mountain Java, and Some Beach. I didn’t know there were so many possibilities of flavors of moonshine and after the tasting was over, I was feeling all 13 shots. lol 

 Now that we had been out the entire day we decided to have dinner at Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen. I know what you’re thinking and I thought it too but we gave it a try anyway. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how good the food tasted and the Oooey Gooey Butter cake will have you coming back for more. Up next was go-cart racing and the arcade. Initially it was just my friend and I racing and then we had other racers to join. I was off to a great start and wanted to wait on my friend so it could be more of a challenge and at the last minute someone in front of me was driving slowly and that’s where my friend slipped right in front of me.But I’ll move along from that story until we have a rematch (lol). I’ll count that one as a win-lost. On our last day we decided to make a stop and visit Ruby Falls in Chattanooga and O.M.G! Ruby Falls is absolutely beautiful! Leading up to the caves the tour guide gives you a brief insight on how Ruby Falls was discovered. The caves are really unique and they have a section called “The Hall of Dreams” and it’s just that. It’s like a natural wonder of the Sistine Chapel. I was in complete awe the entire time but once we reached the underground waterfall, it took it to another level. The waterfall is breath taking and you would have to be there to understand what I wish I could depict. Ruby Falls is 125ft but to reach the falls you are 1120ft beneath the surface of the mountain and what’s so mind-blowing is that they have yet discovered where the water comes from. It was really amazing to have visited this Natural Wonder and I highly recommend you visit if you are ever the Chattanooga area. 

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