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Hey everybody, it’s been a while since my last post and so much has happened in between the time so I’ll have to catch you guys up to speed. Well first off sometime last month I lost my precious dog of 9 years and I have still yet to find her. Honestly at times I can’t even believe it because I literally would’ve never thought of that ever happening. I was so heartbroken and upset because that was my human baby in dog form. She was my mom’s first grand baby as I’d use to say and we all love her so very much. I’m going to remain hopeful that I will get her back but I pray for is that she is being treated well in the meantime. I know some may be saying, “It’s just a dog”, but you’ll ever understand if you aren’t a pet mom. I miss coming home and she’d get soooo excited to see me, wanting to be up under me when she was afraid, and relaxing in the driveway catching sun rays but on another note I turned 30 recently! Usually for my birthday I’d go out to dinner with friends and have cake with my fam but this year I wanted to bring it in a little different, so I decided to go to Puerto Rico! Why Puerto Rico? Well, first off, I didn’t need a passport. Secondly, I had never been and thirdly, why the heck not? I’m not an extravagant birthday planner and have never really done anything extravagant so I figured this would be the time to live and enjoy. Earlier this year I decided that I would travel and enjoy life by doing things that I like. Granted that this was initially a pre-planned trip but I had put it off up until about a week before my birthday. I wasn’t ready to take the trip but I decide to book a flight and AirBnB anyways. I’ll go ahead and tell you that I’m glad that I did book last minute because I was able to get a flight for $104!! Yes, I did fly Frontier again and there was a delay but I did get $25 voucher for my next flight so I was pretty satisfied. Once I touched down in PR, I caught a taxi to our Airbnb.  FYI, I love Airbnb! I doubt if I ever stay in a hotel as my first choice again. Man, man, man… let me tell you our Airbnb had views that were absolutely amazing!! When I first stepped foot on the balcony, the view was absolutely breath taking. I’m sure I shed a tear because I was so excited to be there and I wasn’t expecting the beauty of it all. If you’ve never been to PR, please do so. Their beaches are pristine with amazing blue water, white sand, and palm trees for days. You’d literally have to see it to believe it. While in Puerto Rico I mostly just ate some great food, enjoyed the scenery, relaxed on the beach and watched The Handmaid’s Tale lol. Quick question, does anybody else watch that on Hulu? It’s a really good show but I’m still confused about it. One thing for sure is that I gotta make sure I wear a better swimsuit next time because there were quite a few nips slips when the waves came rushing lol. A few days into the trip I also visited Old San Juan. I’m a southern girl who loves beautiful architecture and if you’re ever in the area it’s definitely a must see. I wish I had begun the trip there to capture it all but on my next visit I definitely will look into staying in that area. The people are really friendly and it honestly felt like home but I must learn some Spanish. I guess my 3 years of French in high school didn’t really help me out but nevertheless I still had a great time. I hope you guys like this look because over the next few weeks I plan to post another look or two and an overall travel view of my experience while in Puerto Rico. 

Oh yes… I can’t forget about the dress!!! Let me tell you something, there was nothing that was going to stop me from buying this dress. True enough the price tag was a bit more expensive than my liking but where there is a will, there is a way. I searched all over to find a coupon and I finally found one for 30% off so I knew I had to cop this baby. This dress is a dream! I love the material, the color, and the class. The dress is not made to be off the shoulder but I put my own spin on it. I purchased a 14 and it fits pretty perfect wearing it off the shoulder. Being that I’m not heavy chested it would’ve had to be taken up in the bodice but luckily I found an alternative solution. It’s the ultimate sexy summer dress that I will hold on to for a very long time. If you can find one online or in-store give it a try and let me know what you think.

Dress- Lane Bryant| Shoes- Michael Antonio| Hat- Target

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