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Living In Color

Living In Color


Let me introduce to you one of the most colorful outfits that I’ve ever worn. Laced in colorful plaids, electric blues, purples, and gold definitely explains how I’m Living in Color. If you are like me and have been paying attention to all the new fashion trends then I’m sure you have seen the bell sleeve top at an all time major high, so I decided to put my sewing machine to work and make my own. These bell sleeve tops are super cute and ultra feminine. For my choice of fabric I decided to use a colorful plaid organza. I believe I got this fabric for about $1-$2  at the same garage sale I purchased the Kente fabric in the post Kente x B. I did not use a pattern to make this to but instead used a non-stretch shirt that I had in my closet, duplicated it and added the bell sleeves. Now moving on to this hat, this hat! Two words, ESTATE SALE, Price $3. Ain’t it funky? Funky fresh and perfectly compliments this outfit and I know with it being fall and all, these colors don’t quite go with the theme but I couldn’t wait until summer to wear it right?


What are some hot trends you are looking forward to rocking the rest of this year?

Hat- (Estate Sale) | Shirt- (self-made) | Skirt- Charlotte Russe | Shoes- Charlotte Russe


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