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My Ambitionz

My Ambitionz


In honor of one of my favorite Rap Artist Tupac, I decided to dedicate this OOTD to him but also reflect on memories growing up. I remember growing up and my dad listening to the Tupac album on full blast and on repeat with me sitting on the edge of the couch in our den; Those memories I’ll never forget. Being so young at the time I didnt really know or understand who Tupac was but now knowing that he was such a great lyricist and philosophical person who had a beautiful mind and heart. Some of my favorite songs were “My Ambitionz as a Ridah”, “Shed So Many Tears”, and “Changes”. My dad most definitely gave me that musical influence for my love of Tupac as well as other artists. He is definitely one of the G.O.A.T and is still loved by many.

Everybody’s at war with different things…I’m at war with my own heart sometimes.


Graphic Tee-Walmart   

Plaid Shirt- Walmart

Shorts- Sears

Boots- Charlotte Russe


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