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My Holiday Wish List

  1. #1 on my list for Christmas is a professional dressform. I’ve been working on getting my sewing room together and this is a definite must-have. Dressforms can get quite pricey depending on brand and features so I’ve been checking out garage sales, craigslist, and online retailers for the best deal. Most retailers have them at a discounted price for the holiday season but I’m sure they’ll still cost a pretty penny.

  2. As I look to invest in my brand, I figured it would be great to learn all aspects of my blog and the needs of my blog and brand simply by gaining more beneficial knowledge. Trust me I am no professional when it comes to photography but I do enjoying learning about new hobbies. I’ve read many reviews and have decided that this would be a great beginner camera for all the things I plan to do in the near future.

  3. This year went by so fast that I didn’t get to travel as much I would have liked to, so as the year ends I’d like to go ahead and submit my request that will last a lifetime. I enjoy traveling and it’s my time to break away from the normal day-to-day operations and to also get inspired by my surroundings.

  4. If you speak to someone who sews then I’m sure they’ll agree with me when I say you cannot have enough fabric. I literally turned into a fabric hoarder once I started sewing and I would look at the stashes of people who sew and wonder how they got so much fabric. Now that I sew I understand how and why. I do have a ton of fabric but enjoy searching for new prints for my next creation.

  5. It’s a no brainer for the reason why I want these storage organizers. Although this is the last item on my list, it’s certainly not the least. I currently have storage bins full of fabric that I want to reorganize and these would be perfect for the job.


I hope my wish lists gets to the North Pole on time because I’ve been a good girl all year. 



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