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Plaid Out

Plaid Out


Plaid comes in style, Plaid goes out of style, but for me it’s always in style and I honestly can’t get enough of it. Whether it be pants, skirts, rompers, shirts, or even scarfs, I love them all! My ideal outfit is a plaid jumpsuit and I plan to put that sewing machine to work real soon to make one; I already have my fabric ready. But first I must say that I’m totally “plaid out” in the romper. This romper is uber comfortable and it comes from JC Penney who has really brought forth some great items within the past few years. I decided to pair this outfit with a faux leather gray lace-up bootie and just to be truthful, I honestly don’t think that there is anyone who loves a strappy heel more than I do because I fall for the them every time.

Romper- JC Penney   Shoes- Rue21


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