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Shine Bright

Shine Bright


It’s that time of the year when the temperature rises and with that, clothes are few and far between. So I decided that it was the perfect time for me to wear the oh so adorable circle top. These tops are perfect for that sunshine weather and with this color, you can’t go wrong. What I love about these tops is that they are very versatile in the way that you style them.  I created this top so that you could wear it as off-the-shoulder, one shoulder, or as a tube top. I took this top along with me while visiting in New Orleans and I’m so glad that I did. The sun was scorching that day and this was my way of beating the heat. This top was really simple to make (link below). I did alter it in length to make it as a circle top and will make many more in the near future.  Just FYI, it actually started out as a swimsuit top, but who can tell the difference? That’s the beauty of style.  I hope you guys enjoy!  Feel free to comment and pin! 

Top- self-made (tutorial) link, Skirt- Charlotte Russe, Shoes- Charlotte Russe, Necklace- Walmart



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