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Sultry B: Pattern Review

Sultry B: Pattern Review

Ladies and Gents this is a result of a sewing block. A few weeks ago I had gotten to place of having no effort or inspiration of sewing anything and when something finally came to mind, I figured let me try something with this fabric and here it is. True enough I didn’t intend it to come out this way but I did know that I wanted to make a jumpsuit. I initially intended it to be a loose fitting V-neck spaghetti strap jumpsuit but along the time of me trying on and altering, this cross neck top came in to play in which. If you remember my VERTE post, I used the same pattern while altering the top for a different fit and look. I usually tend to stay away from no stretch fabrics but I figured I’d give it a try and try to broaden my fabric content usage. 

Jumpsuit Review:

Pattern used: Butterick 5652 with alterations self-drafted top

Fabric Used: Similar to Broadcloth (Fabric content not confirmed)

Time: This could have taken only a few hours, but between working and completing alterations I added a few days in between.

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