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Guess what?!?! I was able to be shoot with the amazing @iamsweetface_ a few weeks ago!!   So for those who don’t know her. Iamsweetface is an amazing photographer who is currently based out of the Las Vegas area. She is well known for her gorgeous Self-Portraits, Fashion, and Glamour shots. So, some quick history on the me and Britt (yes, she’s a Brittany too lol), we actually meet in high school 10+ years ago. We rode the same school bus where we or may I say I would laugh so hard that the bus driver would always yell at us for being too loud. We even  ran to the cafeteria for crispito and pizza on the good lunch days. So it’s fair to say we been friends ever since so when she told me that she would be coming down to visit family and friends in Tuscaloosa, we took advantage of the opportunity. Now about these photos though, I’m so not boosting myself up but these photos are amazing!! Britt is so great at what she does and it’s really an honor, honestly. The girl has talent and I am so proud of her! 

Definitely go check out her site at  and visit her on IG at the link listed above.

And for my sewing creatives, ain’t this dress so festive? Bright colors and a cooling fabric can make the best summer dresses. I was able to score this fabric from a yard sale for little to nothing. The pattern I used for this dress was Butterick 6566 Style D. If you are looking to start with an easy dress pattern for sewing, this is a great pattern to start with. I did extend the skirt length but the pattern makes note in altering the pattern. This dress is made to be worn off-the-shoulder, but can also be converted into a one-shoulder dress. I decided to make it with challis material so it’s really cool in this hot Alabama weather and was much needed for this day. Let me tell y’all, it was the middle of the day, the sun was scorching and the heat was blazing. Yes, that’s normal for Bama but during the shoot we couldn’t take it any longer so we stopped by a nearby restaurant and ordered water just to sit down inside lol. We’ll water and a peach pie for me because I love me some sweets. 


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