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Thrifty Chic

Thrifty Chic

It’s that time again, the most expensive time of the year where we spend big bucks on gifts and trinkets that will be forgotten about shortly after. Lord knows I can do better with budgeting but I don’t think I did too bad this month considering the holiday and my personal love of clothes. I’ve seen so many cute items this season and items that I’m interested in making. At times my weakness had given in and at other times I succeeded and passed on my desire to purchase the retail priced items. On the other hand, I’ve gotten some really good deals from our local thrift store. This entire outfit is thrifted with the exception of the top and boots. First off, who doesn’t love the femininity of a softly pleated chiffon skirt? And what makes it even better is that it came in a beautiful soft pink. When I saw this cute pleated chiffon skirt I didn’t second guess whether I should purchase it for even one second. If you don’t know, I’m a total lover of Pinterest and I get so much inspiration and ideas from it. I love when creative individuals have the ability to mix and match prints and colors for a look of their own, but before I created this look, I had actually been looking a skirt similar to this one, so I knew it was already the perfect match for me and it was also my size! Double winner!!!! With this look I wanted to go for something feminine and edgy so I paired two items on the opposite side of the fashion spectrum and it turned out to be a cool look. I also added a neon colored cardigan under the jacket to give it a bit more contrast and top if off with a multi colored head scarf. So tell me what do you think? Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest at Sultry_B for more looks and inspiration.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! 


Cardigan-(self-made)|Boots- Qupid

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