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True Blue

True Blue

Hey y’all! It’s been a while since I’ve given new content so please excuse me. I haven’t been motivated or even inspired to make anything and that’s a total bummer for me because I truly enjoy sewing. I’m working at my fulltime job and not making time for my passion which is not a good feeling. I really want to dedicate more time to the things I enjoy and to step up in areas that I’ve slacked in. I have had my sewing classes that I teach but I know I want and need to do more. I’ve also got to get back to writing down what I want to accomplish and setting new goals. Quick question, when there is a lack of motivation and inspiration to do the things you enjoy, what do you do? I want y’alls input. Maybe I need a vacation to get my creative mind back flowing, but where to? One thing that has been on my mind lately is to travel and work in different states. I don’t really care to have a specific job but want to enjoy different experiences. Nothing full-time because I don’t want to get caught up in working so much and not be able to keep pursuing my passion. But moving right along into this OOTD, I know you’ve seen the track pant trend. I was all for it but it wasn’t all for me up until now. I’d find cute pairs of track pants, try them on only for them to let me down, either they’d be too tight or too short and at times it would be both so I actually kinda gave up on it because these extra pounds and hips can’t fit into clothes like they used to. Lol But I lucked up on these from Lane Bryant and they were on clearance for $10!!! Honestly, I hadn’t even seen a colored pair like these so I was super happy and really hoping they’d fit. So I tried them on and voila! My initial intention was to only go in and purchase a $5 pair of tassel earrings I had seen on a previous visit but I couldn’t say no to these pants. I purchased the earrings and track pants then went back the next day to purchase the blue sunglasses also featured in this post for a whopping $3! And let me not forget to mention my flava sunglasses also worn in this look from my girl Pia’s boutique. These beauties were featured as an item on her new online boutique and I knew they’d add more flair to this look  This is the first pair of white sunglasses I’ve ever had but I didn’t even doubt this purchase plus they had a cat eye frame. Y’all already know a good cat eye will never let you down and these didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately these aren’t currently in stock but you can still check out her boutique for other cute pieces at

Top-Walmart| Pant- Lane Bryant| Sunglasses(Blue)-Lane Bryant| Sunglasses(white)- Pia Lashay Boutique| Hat- Target| Necklace-Walmart

Top-Walmart| Pant- Lane Bryant| Necklace-Walmart| Sunglasses(White)-Pia Lashay Boutique| Sunglasses(Blue)- Lane Bryant

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