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Wild Thoughts


I’m sure you already know why I titled it “Wild Thoughts”, but in the case that you didn’t then here is my reasoning. This top makes me think of Rihanna in the Wild Thoughts video and Spanish dancing. This top has the flamenco flair of tiered circles that are also seen in the beautiful flamenco dresses and skirts. Although you can see similarities, I was initially inspired by a top I found on Pinterest that I instantly fell in love with, so I decided to give it a try and make it with some super low priced material I had purchased. I did a little circle math and tackled the project and here is the result. It was definitely a tedious and difficult project but it came together. This top is made of a non-stretch silky solid in Cobalt Blue with a slight brushed feel. After finishing this top I couldn’t decide on what type of bottoms I should wear to piece the look together. I had paired it with denim wide leg jeans and skirts and I wasn’t quite sold on the overall look so I referred back to my inspiration and decided mustard pants were perfect! The day before my shoot I headed to the fabric store and purchased a linen look material that I had seen before and whipped these babies up in about 5-6 hours including zipper. My sewing table was shaking so hard from the speed (lol) but I finally had them done. I paired the ensemble with red tassel and suede chunky necklace from Walmart for $5! Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.

Top & Bottom by Me| Necklace- Walmart 

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