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Do you ever find it hard to find pieces that go with your work and play life? When I was working my regular 9-5, I did. Working in an administrative position had me buying two different wardrobes. Granted I loved the secretary look, I just didn’t care for wearing them while in a different setting like out for dinner with friends, events, or just out and about. Plus I was never a big "pants" girl because I like to get in and out of garments in a jiffy so if I could help it, I stuck with skirts an dresses. So for this look I wanted to create it with all things that I love in mind! First and foremost, what's not to love about this skirt? It's perfect for Work & Play! You can easily pair it with a tank and accessories or a nice blouse. I decided to go with a magenta colored off-the-shoulder top, matching single strap block heels and earrings. This is the ideal outfit for me in many settings. The great thing about it is that it's also available for purchase and being that it's Leo season, I'm going to offer my babes 10% off any item using code LEO10! Just simply click "shop" and let me see how you guys would style this skirt!

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