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10 Activities to get you through COVID-19 Isolation

I‘m back with another post just like I said I would and I’m going to jump right into it! I don’t know about y’all but if you have come to a place of boredom I’m here to give you a few suggestions on activities to get you through.

1. Reconnect Spiritually With so much going on, it’s important that we increase and dedicate time to spiritually reconnect. No matter the religion or belief, this is a must in becoming whole. There are several resources that come in forms of videos, apps, literature, and pod casts to get you going. If it’s hard for you to find time to do so, schedule a little time earlier than your normal routine or right before bed. You don’t have to start by dedicating a large amount of time but a simple 15 minutes a day could be just what you need and as time progresses, you increase your daily reconnection time.

2. Nature Walk

Idk about y’all but every now and then I like to get out and observe nature and it’s beauty in its natural form and by that I mean going on hikes in a National State park, along river walks, and wooded areas. I’ve always loved being outside but I really fell in love with this when I was a senior in college taking a Plant Systematics class. We would take field trips every week including going camping, canoeing, hiking and so forth. This is also a great way to get in a little exercise.

3. Learn a new hobby

If there was ever a time that you wanted to learn something new and felt as if you didn’t have the time to do so, take advantage of it now! There are so many resources to literally learn whatever you want right at your fingertips and YouTube may just be your best friend if you decide to so.

4. Create a TikTok account

So if you don’t know what TikTok is, its a social media platform similar to IG but mainly used for videos especially dancing videos. I‘ll just go ahead and tell you now that I love TikTok! It really is fun! I just created an account and didn’t even realize I had one years ago. My nephew and I created a few videos earlier this week and I’m sure there’s more to come especially since we are uncertain when everything will return to normal.

5. Online Shopping

Nowww, don’t go overboard but I will say that I’ve seen some really great deals during this quarantine/isolation period and if you’re anything like me then you love catching a deal. I already have a cart full of items that I have to narrow down before I check out. Don’t judge me!!

6. Increase those cooking skills

I’ll be the first one to tell you that cooking isn’t my forte but with alot of restaurant being closed or drive-thru only, try including more home cooked meals in your weekly routine. I’m not saying give fast food up completely unless you’re just compelled to do so, but what better time to cook than now!

7. Gather a plan

Whether you plan for your business, financially, or your next venture, take some time to evaluate your next moves. A big thing for me is to begin planning out my daily schedule as it pertain to my business and personal life. I just recently began to create to-do list on my phone that I try my best to accomplish and it was going pretty well until the corona frenzy in which I began to see a decline in businesss so I’m trying to figure out and put in place new sources of income and/or build and promote more income from my current businesses.

8. Indoor/Outdoor exercise

INCORPORATE SOME EXERCISE! Now this is where I’ve completely slacked. I was never the go all in workout person but I did incorporate a few days out of the week and tbh I couldn’t tell you the last time I really worked out and made it count. But I’ve gotta get back on the train and I really don’t have a reason why I shouldn‘t at this point because I want this stomach to be on flat, flat okkkkk!!

9. Have a Netflix Party

I‘m not sure if y’all have heard of Netflix creating this new thing where you and your friends can watch the same shows and comment on what’s going on but yeah it’s a thing now and I want to try it at least once. I’ll be honest with you I haven’t watched Netflix as avidly as I use to since my dad took over my account but since he’s paying for it I just let him do whatever. I did however start watching Lost Girl and The Stranger which was really good. What are a few shows/movies you would suggest?

10. Get started on your Spring Cleaning Spring is officially here so you know what that means. It’s time to clear the clutter and get to cleaning. I started yesterday and I have to get back to it today. I’ll be the first to tell you that it’s not my favorite chore but it’s a must, plus I‘m trying to make more use of my space for my home business.

Well you guys that completes my list and I am sure you will be able to jump right in and handle this quarantine/isolation time just fine. If you have additional suggestions, let me know in the comments.


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