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Bama Gal

Bama Gal

It’s officially Spring Break and I have absolutely no plans to go anywhere. I did plan to visit my friend in Delaware and also go to NYC but everything wasn’t really going in my favor so I had to change my plans but I still have hopes to visit. Now that I’ll be chilling at home, I plan to take this time to catch up on some things I need to do, like clean my car that looks like I’m living out of (lol), sew, get some blog shots in, spend time with my nieces and nephews, and oh yeah, finally go see Black Panther. I know I’m ultra-late but I hate crowded movie theaters and would rather feel like I can breathe instead of feeling packed in like sardines. But best believe when I go I am bringing my own snacks. I don’t play about that and you can say whatever about it. Yes, I’m that chick that brings her own snack and jiggles the gas pump for those extra droplets lol. 

So for those who checked out my social media posts during Christmas Break then this blazer may look a bit familiar. I purchased this plaid blazer from the Goodwill while I was in Texas for $5! The picture doesn’t really depict it well, but the blazer is navy and gold and will definitely be one of my staple pieces in my closet. I have paired this blazer with a couple of things in my closet that make for nice and comfortable looks. But with this look I wanted to keep it simple and stylish so I paired it with a men’s collar shirt, white pointed toe boots, felt hat, and a chunky necklace. What I love about Blazers is that they can be casually dressed or added for a bit of sophistication. Want a nice casual look with a blazer? Add it with a simple jean outfit and there you go but if you want to go bold, simply just add a blazer going bare underneath or like I did with no pants( ha, ha, ha) . Another look I totally dig are blazer dresses! I have yet to find one for myself because these hips are all of 50+ inches so it hard matching my frame being that I’m very bottom heavy.  I have hopes of lucking up finding one or either I’ll just have to whip one up and that’s definitely an option. 

Blazer-Goodwill| Shirt-(my dads)| Shoes- Qupid(Amazon)| Hat- Target| Necklace- Walmart

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