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You know the saying, Desperate Times Calls for Desperate Measures? Well we‘re here. The whole world is literally in a frenzy over COVID-19 and I can honestly tell you that I never imagined having to face something that has literally turned what I called normalcy, upside down. From hearing the 1st case of Corona virus in the US, it’s been a full 360. It was literally like watching fans do a wave at a stadium until it came to your section. If you didn’t know, I’m from Alabama and we were one of the last states to have documented cases of Corona virus so to be honest I wasn’t really pressed or affected about the issue because we were still functioning as usual. Closures and curfews weren't mandated until this week and that’s when it really hit me. I mean I just had Chipotle and was able to eat inside the restaurant 4 days ago! When my friends and I would discuss our feelings about the whole situation it wasn’t towards the virus, our main issue was the whole excessive impulse buying. The whole impulse buying thing hit maybe a week ago and to be frank about it all, I just don’t understand why you would need 100 rolls of toilet paper or paper towels. But foreal though let’s be considerate of others who are in desperate need for basic essentials because I’ve seen plenty of stories lately on social media concerning the elderly and them being afraid and/or not being able to get necessary items because of impulse buyers, which is totally ludicrous! Just seeing how life as we knew it change in an instant is really mind blowing but I know that’s it’s needed in order to combat the issue. Now that this is Day 4 of “COVID-19 Isolation” I see that it’s definitely an adjustment. The places that I would frequent are either closed or have been mandated to not allow customers to gather in which I understand but can I just go ahead and say my peace? I’m bored!! Now granted I already don’t do much so when I can’t do those few things, it really has me in my feels. I went to the movies on Wednesday and couldn‘t go because they were allowed to sell 25 tickets. I know you’re probably wondering, with all this going on why would you go to the movies? Well... I wanted to enjoy my last bit of what I could before it changed to uncertainty but I was a little to late because now it’s completely closed so I guess I’ll catch the movie once it comes out on RedBox. Being that we have to have limited movement I’m going to come up with a few suggestions to get you through this whole “Quarantine/ Isolation” period and post on tomorrow. But before I go, I do ask a favor, uplift those who are affected by this in prayer.

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