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January has finally come to an end and that was a for sure long month and I know others will agree but any who Happy Black History Month! Yes, Black History Month is celebrated 365 but since it is recognized why not represent. Let’s start this thing off by saying that my people have been making some major moves and I’m so happy for us! I love that we are growing, developing, and expanding flourishing businesses, celebrating our people, and making differences within our communities now more than ever. Speaking of expanding, I’ve decided to instruct a sewing class in my community that will be held at a local church. This will be an expansion of my brand Sultry B that will go right in line of service to others. Sewing is so much of a passion of mine that I want to share my gift to others who are also interested. This ministry will be available for youth and adults who want to learn the basics one-on-one whether it be as simple as knowing how to properly sew a button or making a pattern of your own clothes. I’m super excited about this because I had procrastinated for the longest of starting a youth ministry but got discouraged and didn’t know where to even start. Right now I’m feeling really confident to share my God-given talent and look forward to seeing you if you’re in the Tuscaloosa or surrounding areas. For dates on the sewing ministry please be sure to keep up my notifications on Instagram @Sultry_B or Facebook at SultryB

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