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Everyday Casual

Everyday Casual

Happy Sunday Loves! My November weekends have been nothing less than amazing and it continued into this weekend.  I’m a Teetee x 3! My sis gave birth to my wittle niece and she is absolutely adorable! She came earlier than her due date so of course we were not prepared. We actually had a Surprise Baby Shower planned but those plans had to be cancelled. With all that being said, I’m sure we’ve all been there having unexpected plans, so why not put togther a cute stylish look?  Well, this week I’m featuring an everyday cute and semi-casual effortlesslook for the fall season.  I decided to go with a cute pair of high waist wide leg jeans, low cut onesie, heels and to finish it off, a nice warm coat for the chilly weather. To recreate this look simply grab your best pair of  jeans, skinny or wide leg, semi-casual or casual top, a coordinationg pair of heels and a nice long duster, cardigan, or jacket and walla! There you have it, an effortless semi-casual look with some time to spare.

P.S     With the Holiday’s being right around the corner, who wouldn’t want to benefit from saving a little cash on nice quality items. The jeans I purchased from Dirt Cheap for $10 and the coat the Thrift Store for $5! Now that what I call a deal that can’t be beat. Be sure to check out your local discounted stores for great savings. 

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