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Got the Blues

Got the Blues


Hello Loves,  It’s another week with Sultry B and I’m glad that you stopped by because I’ve got the Blues, Literally! Blue colors that is. This poncho is all sorts of cute so you know I had to add it to my closet stash. Perfect for those chilli days of Fall and when you want to add a little pizazz to your outfit. I got this out of season during the summer months for a great steal at Charlotte Russe. Can you guess how much I paid for it? ….. I’ll tell ya, $2. Yes, $2 so I knew I had to snatch it up. Matter of fact I bought two, different color of course. Once I wear the other I’ll be sure to let you know. I hope you all are having a great weekend and be sure to like, share, and comment.

Poncho- Charlotte Russe   Bodysuit- Thrifted  Pants- Charlotte Russe  Shoes- DSW

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