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Laced Chiffon

Laced Chiffon

Lordy, Lordy it’s officially September and for all the Virgos in the house, y’all can proceed to celebrate. I’m not even going to lie, the Leo’s and late August babies took oveerrrr. I had notifications left and right about birthdays and quite frankly I was kind of over it lol, sorry. Yes, I am an August baby myself but my notifications were something serious for the birthdays but it’s cool, let’s move on to this look this look though. As y’all should know I was sewing up a storm in prep for my trip as stated in my last blog. Well this is one of the looks I had put together. I purchased this laced chiffon material by Cape May from Joann’s a few months ago with the idea of making a something nice for my bday trip. I didn’t necessarily have the complete idea of what I wanted to make but I did want kimono sleeves. So I did a little research and had come across a dress pattern online. The pattern was Vogue 9253 and I had seen plenty of varieties of this dress that I liked on IG so I went to Joann’s, bought the pattern, stared at my fabric for the approach, draped it on my dressform and against my body only to let the fabric sit in my stash a for a month or two because I didn’t think that I had enough fabric for the look. In actuality I didn’t buy enough of fabric for the dress as required by the pattern but I figured I could get away with an alternative as long as I was able to keep the look of the sleeves. Truth be told, I honestly did a completely different look from the pattern because I only used the front pieces for the entire bodice because I also wanted a v-cut style in the back as well. As I was putting the pieces together and using my dressform to see the complete look come together, I kind of thought it wasn’t going to work for me. I ended up cutting the pattern on a XL and it just seemed a bit small to me. So I got the pieces constructed and had sewn a makeshift skirt. When I put it on I go excited because I felt that this was just the look I was going for. I wanted something with a beachy vibe, showing a little bit but no too much. You know kind of sultry, yeah Sultry, Feminine, and Free. I had to do some minor adjustments to the dress but all in all it came together.  I’m going to let you know something about me, anytime I’m sewing for myself I pretty much have my own fashion show especially if it’s something I realllllyyy like. Is there anybody else who does that when they’re sewing? I get excited knowing that I created something that I was inspired by and that will inspire others.  I think I’m going to give the pattern another go with a different print and material like Challis.

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