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My Top 4 Prints to try this Fall!

My Top 4 Prints to try this Fall!

1. Stripes

When it comes to stripes you can never go wrong. My favorite variation of a striped ensemble are when the stripes are perpendicular to each other. Stripes that are horizontal on a top and vertical a pair of bottoms, or vice versa is a cool mix of this print. You can find a variety of colors in the striped print whether it be fabric or items that are ready-to-wear. 

2. Polka Dots

When I was younger I would always think that polka dots were old fashioned.  It always seemed as if older ladies wore them in the most unfashionable ways. Spring forward many years to now… I’m on the polka dot wagon lol. I think polka dots can be so feminine depending on the style of the outfit. Polka dot attire comes in so many creative styles nowadays you can hardly resist it.

3. Metallics

Although I was never really fund of the metallic look before, I’ve had a sudden change of heart with this trend. Within the past year I’ve seen quite a few styles popping up that I wanted to give a try. The first was the metallic pleated skirt! Last winter I found a skirt similar to the one below and I let it get away from me by not purchasing it. Let’s just say I had a little remorse over not purchasing it. 

4. Plaids

I tend to see this print more often in winter time but who says you can’t make it pop whenever you like? Recently someone showed me a suit in pristine condition from theThrift Store in the Christmas print plaid that gave me some inspiration to give this print a try. What I love most about plaids is that it comes in so many variations of colors and styles. 


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