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My Top 5 Season Must-Haves


1. Crushed Velvet/ Velvet

Velvet use to be known as that old piece of clothing sitting in your grandmothers closet, but not anymore. Crushed Velvet/Velvet has been seen floating through the fashion industry full blast within the past year. It’s been seen on runways as well as celebrities. It comes in a variety of cooler color than your normal black, green, and burgundy and has taken many shapes than your ordinary holiday party dress. Crushed Velvet/Velvet styles range from boots, dresses, jumpsuits and even lingerie. It’s definitely going to make a debut in my year end season clothing.


2. Bodysuits

Giving that sleek figure a flattering look, who can’t get enough of them? Bodysuits are definitely a hot trend right now and you can pretty much find them in any fashion forward clothing store right now. With a variety of styles from long sleeve, turtleneck, laced, and zippered it makes it hard to choose which one you want to rock.


3. Long line Blazers/Dusters

Always perfect for that transitional weather year round and usually used as a layering piece. Long-line Blazers and Dusters are a sleeker look to the usual trench coat. You can’t go wrong with either and you’ll definitely be sure to make layering look easy with this addition to your wardrobe. You can find a variety of styles at ASOS, Zara, Forever 21, and many other shops.


4. Over-sized Sweaters

What was once your Dads old sweater has now become your favorite sweater. Over-sized sweaters are perfect for the fall and can be dressed to your liking whether you’re going to the grocery store or having a night out enjoying the fall festivities. You’ll be cute and comfy rocking these this season.



5. Peep-toe Booties

Ideal for the season transition and when you need to find the perfect shoe for your OOTD. The peep-toe bootie is here to stay from season to season and you can’t go wrong. They are easily paired with jeans, skirts, dresses, you name it and you can rock it. The top colors for this seasons booties are more neutral to warm browns.


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