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Road Trippin’

 Road Trippin’

As I discussed in my last blog, I went on a road trip to Texas! For long the longest I had been wanting to visit just to check out the scene and what everyone loved about it. So I decided to make my way during Christmas Break. I didn’t plan too much in advance like I would have normally done but instead just AirBnB’d it and hit the road. This was my first experience with AirBnB so of course I was a bit hesitant but I had asked a few friends about it and decided to just go for it. The overall experience with the AirBnB was actually nice but I’ll get more into that later. The first stop on my way to Texas was New Orleans. I had gone to New Orleans in 2016 and fell in love with the atmosphere, the architecture, culture, and of course the beignets! That was one of the main reasons for my stop in NO, but Cafe Du Monde had a line that was out of this world so I just decided to get a few pics of some cool artwork I had seen in the vicinity.   

Next stop was Houstonnnnnnnnn! I got to Houston late so I didn’t do anything but rest after I finally got settled at a hotel.  But before I was able to get settled, I checked into my AirBnB. smh So, I purchased an AirBnB for Houston and Dallas and let’s just say that Houston wasn’t what I expected. Don’t get me wrong it was just as pictured but it was freezing in that apartment with the heat basically being none existent even with it on. Needless to say, I left shortly after realizing it wasn’t going to get any better. But I will say that AirBnB was very accommodating and offered to pay half of my hotel stay.

While in Houston I wanted to make sure I made good use of the time that I was going to be there. My first stop was to head to downtown Houston. Almost immediately I found a Fabriiiiiicc store!!! High Fashion Fabrics was nothing short of AMAZINGNESS! OMG y’all, I was in heaven. That fabric store was the crème de la crème, they literally had everything I could imagine. I also visited some spots I had discovered on Pinterest like the highly photographed “Houston” graffiti art, Waterwall Park, and The Fine Arts Museum. After a day in the city I decided to try out Gloria’s Latin Cuisine and I must say that those Brisket tacos were A-1. Man those tacos were good! Heck, everything was good from the margarita to the black bean dip and salsa.  Later in the trip I was also able to meet one of my good friends from back home that moved there a few years ago, and when I tell you we didn’t miss a beat, we didn’t miss a beat ok. I was so excited to see her. I love my Neisha!! 

After traveling 3.5 hours to Dallas, I had finally arrived to my second AirBnB. It was just like living in my very own apartment. Everything was perfect and the blueberry muffins were freakin delish! The next day I got out to sight see and visited the downtown area. Being that I love downtown’s I decided to walk to the downtown attractions that I was going to visit.  Again, I had done a Pinterest search of popular attractions in Dallas and The Giant Eyeball was one. It was actually pretty cool but I wasn’t able to get as close as I wanted due to it being Private Property but overall still neat to see. Next stop was The Dallas Museum of Art where I went to see the Yayoi Kusama “All the Eternal Love I have for the Pumpkins” exhibit. It was absolutely beautiful. I had seen the pictures of this exhibit floating around Instagram so of course I had to see its beauty in person. The museum also had the “Truth” exhibit which was also nice, so if you are in the Dallas area those are definitely in my book to check out. After leaving the museum I ate at Porta di Roma. I had ordered my all time fav Fettuccine Alfredo and it was right on time. I hadn’t yet ate that day so you know I went to town on that plate. The next day I met up with a former co-worker for Brunch and to visit Deep Ellum. I guess you can say that’s where my so-call adventure began (lol, not. See video below) Deep Ellum had beautiful artwork, lofts, and small eateries with my fav being Glazed Donut Works. All in all I had a great time in Texas and it will likely see me again in the near future. Yayoi Kusama

P.S. I attached the pics to my blog instead of the video so don’t mind that last part lol. I’m still working on my video editing skills. I’m new to this.

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