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Summer Nights Dream

Summer Nights Dream


This past Spring Break I went to visit family in Mississippi but decided to add a quick trip to Memphis, TN  where I purchased this awesome tee from the National Civil Rights Museum. Once I seen this shirt I knew I had to buy it because it really gave me that mental push to keep planning and revamping what you see now as “Sultry B”.  At the beginning of 2016 I told myself that I would venture out and do things that I enjoyed doing and this blog and sewing were my top priorities. Anybody close to me knows how much I love fashion and the joy it brings to create and make items to wear. I had been wanting to start a fashion blog for years and never did so because I wasn’t in the space that I am now mentally which was to “Just do it”. But the message on this tee pushed me to keep my dream alive and I  instantly started going through in my mind what should I wear to complete this outfit for my blog and I couldn’t quite put my finger on what I wanted to wear it with. So, I tried pairing it with jeans, shorts, midi skirts, you name it. They just didn’t give me the look I was going for but once I paired it, I knew it was a perfect match. The look had come together just as I wanted it to and ultimately I chose this awesome faux leather skater skirt. What I love about skater skirts is that they are perfect for any occasion, while also having the ability to be dressed up or down. You can easily pair a skater skirt with sneakers, heels, boots, flats, or sandals. I decided to go for a day and night look. For the day look I paired it with a magenta chunky single strap heel and for the night look I paired it with a thigh high suede boots. Chunky heels and thigh high boots one of the most sought after trends for footwear at the moment, so I decided to give you both. Also, with a pop of bright pink, I added this fur clutch that was initially a leg warmer that I purchased at a local thrift store for under $1.00! Can you say a fashionable steal! So, which look do you like best, Day or Night? 

Top-National Civil Rights Museum

Skirt- Charlotte Russe

Heels- Charlotte Russe

Boots- Charlotte Russe

Clutch- local thrift store


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