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Wardrobe Revamp

There comes a time in every woman’s life when her wardrobe needs a revamp. Whether it be an addition of a certain style of clothing, getting rid of old clothes, or simply organizing, it’s a task that needs to be done. I most recently decided to revamp my wardrobe by adding more business wear and getting rid of items that I either don’t wear or simply can’t wear anymore. So far the process is going really good, especially with finding some awesome deals while online shopping. Real quick though, have you guys heard of ebates? If not, I highly suggest you add the extension to your web browser. Ebates is a website that allows you to get cashback at a variety of online retailers where they send you a check for the percentages that you’ve saved. So far I have collected $111.38! Quick Tip: When shopping, try on the things you’re interested in and check the website to discover better discounts, deals, and coupons. If there is a better bargain online, you know what to do girl, go ahead and make that purchase! But before I go I want to also give you guys some tips on getting your wardrobe revamped and ready for the season.

Tip #1 Visualize your closet inspiration

Before making any moves on revamping your closet, know what you want it to look like so you know how to approach this task, even if you may not have a large space. Trust me I’ve done this many times and this is a tedious task especially if you haven’t kept up your closet(s). Figure out a plan then execute. Simple touches go a long way.

Tip #2 Rid your closet of items you don’t want, wear, or can’t fit.

Go grab some storage bins and trash bags because this is where the real work comes in. When I get to this point I have three piles: Trash, Keep, and Donate. Obviously the trash will be items that aren’t worth donating or keeping in the closet because of wear and tear. Your keep pile will consist of items that you have recently purchased and plan to wear for a few more seasons. You will also incorporate those that are absolute keepers but please be mindful that all items that are currently in your wardrobe DO NOT need to stay in this pile. Lastly, we have the donate pile. Nothing more than what it’s titled simply donate to a local shelter, good will or thrift store. You can also take some to consignment shops or sell at a yard sale.  

Tip #3 Invest in Staple pieces

Staple pieces will be those items that you can either wear season through or items that are of great quality that will withstand the normal wear for quite some time. By adding these items to your wardrobe you won’t have to hassle with keeping up with trends or purchasing in excess. Remember quality over quantity. 

Tip #4 Color code

Nothing makes a closet look more amazing than color coding and organizing it by style. Some of the best closets have adapted this layout and it just makes the overall look of your closet. By this simple adaption you will be able to know what items you have in your closet and be able to access them faster. 

Tip #5 Add complimentary storage

Just because the space is small doesn’t mean you can make the most of it. Add storage bins to organize or disguise items such as accessories and shoes. This will put the finishing touches on your space for you be proud of.

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